File Preparation and Color
  • Specify Color use, Process Only, Process and Spot, Spor only.
    • Pantone numbers (PMS) for each Spot color used in the artwork.
  • All dimensions either in inches of metric for Height and Width of final Product and sizes should be clearly defined.
  • Minimum line weight should not go below .005” (1/2 pt) both positive line width and .007″ for drop-out to white or negative lines.
  • All art should be prepared with a minimum 1/16” margin from the die line, unless bleed is required.
  • No trapping is needed. This will be performed by the Palmas Prepress Department.
  • If there are UPC Barcodes needed please supply us with the correct numbers. We will create your codes from our own Barcode Software. Barcode Lines should run in the web direction where possible.
  • When using screens or gradients do not build art below a 2% dot.
  • When necessary Palmas will contact our clients if we feel that the supplied art has printing capability concerns. Please provide a contact name and number when possible.