Quality Assurance

At Palmas Printing, we have over 40 years of experience providing printing and packaging solutions with the highest quality standards.  From the moment your order is submitted through delivery we continuously track your order to ensure you only receive the highest quality products and service.  The entire production process is closely monitored and inspected from sales to delivery.

Palmas quality doesn’t end with product delivery, in the unlikely event there is a problem with your order, we stand ready to immediately investigate and rectify any issues that may occur.
As part of our Quality Management System, we maintain complete records to track each job from raw material to delivery to identify problems and implement corrective actions.

In order to improve Palmas Printing’s value to our customers, we strive to continuously improve all aspects of our processes using quality improvement methods and procedures to increase productivity while reducing errors.  You demand the highest levels of quality in your products and services; demand the same from your printer and packaging provider!